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1. ENT CASUALTY see Pathway for patients accessing the ENT Casualty page (October 2019)

2. EVENTS for GPs see https://www.sivuh.ie/gps/events.html

3. National Electronic General GP Referral Project https://www.sivuh.ie/gps/nationalelectronicgeneralgpreferralproject.html

                  * To access the most up to date form please visit@ http://hse.ie/eng/services/list/5/cancer/profinfo/resources/gpreferrals/

4. NCCP Melanoma GP Referral Guidelines https://www.sivuh.ie/gps/nccpmelanomagpreferralguidelines.html

5. SIVUH Paediatric Orthopaedic Service (uploaded 15/05/2019) https://www.sivuh.ie/gps/paediatricorthopaedicservice.html

6. SIVUH Adult Orthopaedic Service (uploaded 15/05/2019) Links to pre and post hip and knee arthroplasty patient information see https://www.sivuh.ie/departments/physiotherapy/physioorthopaedics.html

7. Main Physiotherapy Department home page see https://www.sivuh.ie/Departments/Physiotherapy/Home.html

8. SIVUH Phlebotomy Service - Please visit the Pathology Department Home page for infomation regarding the SIVUH Phlebotomy Service.

9. Rapid access giant cell / temporal arteritis service


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