Your Easy to Read Admission Letter

You will get an admission letter in the post.

This letter will tell you what date and time to arrive in hospital.

There is more information about how to read your admission letter under Associated Files



Please tell your consultant if you are taking any of the following medications:




Oral Contraceptive Pill

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Your admission letter will tell you if you need to fast before visiting hospital.

Fasting means not eating or drinking anything.

Your admission letter will tell you how long you need to fast for.

Do not bring any valuable items to hospital

You will need someone to collect you when it is time to go home.

You should not drive home yourself.

If you do not attend your admission you will be taken off the waiting list.

If you cannot come to your appointment you should phone the hospital to let us know.




We will give you a new date.

If you are taken off the waiting list we will send a letter to you, your GP and your consultant.

Admission Checklist

Please bring the following items to hospital with you
Admission Letter

Your Admission Letter

dressing gown

A dressing gown

Slippers with a grip sole

Loose pyjamas

An early morning sample of urine in a clear pot.

Any medication you are taking.

The name and phone number of your next of kin.

Your next of kin should be available to be contacted while you are in hospital.

Your GP Details.

A way to pay.

Learn more about this in payment information.

Your Hospital Passport.

A Parent or Guardian must sign consent for children under 16 years of age.












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