How to Obtain your Personal Health Information


You can request a copy of your personal health information under the hospital’s Administrative Access Policy, the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 & 2003 and the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003.  In order to request an application form or find out more on how to request your personal health information please contact the Freedom of Information Department, South Infirmary – Victoria University Hospital, Old Blackrock Road, Cork. 

Tel: 021 – 4926287.

Request for information

In general, no information may be released without your consent.   However, to assist patients in receiving visitors, unless specifically requested by the patient, information as to the location and general condition e.g. comfortable, stable etc of the patient may be given.

No other information (particularly diagnosis, treatment details or prognosis) should be given without your specific consent.

Transfer of your health information to other doctors and facilities

When you (the patient) are transferred to the care of another doctor or hospital, health information is also given to that doctor or facility.  After you leave hospital to go home, or after you see a doctor in the out-patient department, a letter is automatically sent to your referring doctor or GP.  This letter generally contains details of your medical diagnosis, relevant history, condition, medications and progress.  In these cases the transfer of your personal health information is essential to your continued treatment, and your consent is assumed.

The South Infirmary—Victoria University Hospital is an academic teaching hospital.  To help educate our staff and students they may need to view your medical record.  Also, your medical record may be viewed at random as part of an ongoing quality improvement process.  All staff sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment contract.


A guide to obtaining your SIVUH personal health information


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More information is available from our Freedom of Information section.

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