A – Information about the FOI Body


Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts


Establishment of organisation

Hospital History


Roles, responsiblities and functions

Hospital Profile

Hospital Mission Statement

Responsibilities Statement

Classes of records held by the hospital


Governance/Management arrangements

The Board of Directors


Corporate Plans and Strategies

National Service Plan 2020

The hospital is currently linking with the South/South West Hospital Group in relation to the development of a Regional Strategy.


Annual Report - N/A


Organisation and Pay/Grading Structures

Department of Health Payscales http://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/benefitsservices/pay/

South Infirmrary-Victoria University Hospital Organisational Chart


Locations and contact details for the organisation

Contact Us

How to find us


Links to agencies / other bodies under the FOI body's remit - N/A


Customer Charters

Patients Charter


Codes of Practice or Guidelines, if any

List of Codes of Practice





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South Infirmary

Victoria University Hospital

A teaching hospital

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