Hospital History


Brief History of The South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital


The South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital Ltd. came into existence on 1st January 1988 as a result of the amalgamation of the South Charitable Infirmary and the Victoria Hospital. Prior to that date both Hospitals operated as separate entities from their inception dates – the South Charitable Infirmary and County Hospitals from 1761 and the Victoria Hospital from 1874.

Prior to the amalgamation of the two Hospitals, the ENT services transferred from the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital to the South Infirmary on the 5th October 1987 on the basis that the ENT service at our complex would become a regional unit.


  • The SIVUH Occupational Health Department celebrated 25 years in June 2023



  • Cork Dermatologists win gold medal at US medical conference 29th April 2022. Dermatologists from the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital in Cork presented breaking research at the American Contact Dermatitis Society’s annual meeting in Boston, outlining a novel project to promote equity and rural inclusion in healthcare in Munster.
  • OPD reception decant for refurbishments.
  • Moved Risk Department into new offices.
  • Moved Finance Officer to new office.
  • Pharmacy move from old Pathology building back to new Pharmacy Department.
  • Ward Clerks relocated to new office.
  • Set up new Admitting room next to Main Reception to facilitate Pain Relief admissions.
  •  Oncology – NCIS implementation


  • A new rapid access giant cell / temporal arteritis service is now available in the Rheumatology department of the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.
  • The Catering Department opened the Coffee Doc on the 8th of February 2021
  • Decant of Nursing Administration, Orthopaedic Secretaries and Special Delivery Unit offices to new offices in Victoria complex.
  • Decant of Anaesthetic Consultants to new office in Medical Records.
  • Decant of Orthopaedic consultants offices to new location in Medical Records.
  • Decant of Day Surgical Theatre/Minor Ops room to facilitate installation of new air conditioning units.
  • Pharmacy decant into old Pathology building for new facelift
  • Relocation of Pre Admission Assessment Reception and Nurses offices to the old Nursing Admin corridor. April 2021
  • Temporary relocation of Radiology Department to old PAAU July 2021 and move back in August 2021
  • Relocation of Admission pods to Main Reception foyer.
  • Relocation of Main Reception - September 2021
  • Full implementation of Patient’s Own Drug cupboards on all wards


  • Administration Services facilitated and managed the temporary transfer of Dermatology Clinics, Radiology Services and Orthopaedic procedure to some of the private hospitals as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Administration Services also continued to roll out the Digital Dictation system to a further 5 specialities and introduced the eClinic Manager system (virtual video clinic solution) to a number of services including Consultants.
  • Catering introduced a cashless system in the Staff Restaurant in April 2020.
  • The IT Department completed a number of large projects including a Private Branch Exchange upgrade
  • The IT Department launched new hospital “iDONATE”, an on-line donations facility on the hospital internet site. They also assisted with the decant of ICT equipment in Day Medical Unit, Day Surgical Unit and of General Theatres 1-4 for structural upgrades and assisted with relocation of staff to comply with COVID19 guidelines on social distancing.
  • Proudly, upon completion of their MSc in Advanced Practice two staff became Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners: (ANP) -ANP Head and Neck, the first in Ireland, ANP ENT General, the first in Southern Ireland.
  • Postgraduate nursing programmes in the areas of Oncology, Peri-operative Care and Older Person’s Rehabilitation were supported by SIVUH and the SSWHG. Two further Candidate ANP’s – one in Diabetes care, one General ENT were commenced by staff.
  • The Occupational Therapy department also hosted the annual HSCP day in the department on March 4th 2020.
  • On Friday 4th December 2020 the Pathology Department relocated to a newly refurbished area in the Victoria Complex. After many years and many patients later the Pathology Department dimmed its lights, and relocated to the NEW Pathology department in the Victoria complex.
  • A Pathology appointment system was introduced iniPMS as a result for covid19.
  • The Pharmacy Department finalised the procurement process for a closed system drug transfer device for the preparation and administration of oncology products, to be rolled out in 2021.
  • Warfarin clinic – 2 pharmacists completed the Postgraduate Award in Anticoagulation Management Practice and Theory (Warwick University)
  • DEXA- The bone density screening service in SIVUH resumed after a four month hiatus due to equipment replacement.
  • SIVUH set up a Regional Vaccination Centre for COVID 19 Vaccinations for Health Care Workers and administered 25,000 Vaccinations.
  • With the emergence of the COVID 19 disease in March 2020, the ICT department worked tirelessly with all departments to ensure safe, socially distanced work could be undertaken in different ways including remote working, multimedia conferences using Zoom and Web-ex, physical relocation of PCs and periphery devices to comply with HSE directives for safe working practices and to set up and support clinical virtual clinics.
  • The ICT Department were involved in a full PBX upgrade and expansion. Introduction of VoIP phones and implemented the Tadiran PBX system, involving the build of new servers and substantial rerouting of multicore cabling. This also involved the construction of a new PABX room by the Maintenance Department.
  • See the SIVUH Annual Report 2020 for more details of 2020


  • SIVUH receive the HSE Tobacco Free Hospital Bursary Award
  • National Patient Experience - The SIVUH achieved excellent results for the third consecutive year with 98% of participants saying that they were happy with the overall care that they received during their SIVUH In-Patient stay.
  • Patient Accounts and Admissions area was refurbished during the month of September.
  • PAAU launch a Pre-assessment booklet for patients attending for hip or knee replacement surgery.
  • SIVUH Dermatology Conference held in Brookfield UCC January 2019
  • Patient information leaflets about common pain procedures were developed and introduced in 2019
  • SIVUH became a PSYCHED recognised organisation for work done in Health & Wellbeing
  • In 2019 the Audiology department also modified the pathway for patients attending for pre-operative audiological assessment. This improved pathway was identified when linking with TQIP and has led to improved patient flow through the hospital with audiology services commencing from 7.15 am daily to facilitate same.
  • A Digital Dictation pilot was facilitated by the Dermatology Department from the 4th February to the end of July. The results of the pilot rendered the pilot a success and it was officially rolled out to the Dermatology Service in August 2019 and General Surgery in November 2019.
  • Extended the Gynaecology Telephone clinics
  • Commenced audiology waiting lists on iPMS
  • Health link was rolled out for Radiology referrals
  • In 2019 the Catering Department received an emerald award from Excellence Ireland Quality Assurance (EIQA) in their annual audit and were selected as national finalists.
  • In September 2019 the Catering Department received the Gold Award in the national Happy Heart initiative.
  • In 2019 the Medical Social Work Department was instrumental in instigating a review of the relationship between Hospital Social Work Departments and The Department of Applied Social Studies and the curriculum of Medical Social Work module in MSW and BSW Programmes. This has resulted in the development of a joint forum between Acute Hospitals and Hospice in SSWHG Area to work jointly to develop Research, Student Training and Continuous Professional Development in Medical Social Work.
  • A number of Nursing posts were granted during 2019 to develop existing services. A Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner (cANP) in Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) was appointed and the first Clinical Nurse Manager II in Skin Cancer was appointed through the National Cancer Care Programme. During 2019 the SIVUH was identified as a pilot site for the national Criteria Led Discharge initiative. Patients aligned to an ENT Consultant are discharged using criteria led discharge post tonsillectomy. This has proven successful in early discharge of patients to allow improved patient flow. Nursing metrics has been successfully implemented in all wards during 2019. Monthly recording of the suite of quality care indicators for nursing is carried out with a high compliance rate in SIVUH across all the metrics.
  • There was a 10% increase in out-patient’s seen by occupational therapy in 2019.
  • In our Pharmacy Department, RAID, a computerised dosing software system was rolled out in January 2019. The clinic was awarded a Joint 2nd Place Team Award for our Quality Improvement Initiative at the SIVUH 2019 Quality Awards. They also introduced Kelsius, an automated wireless temperature monitoring system. The introduction of this system achieves compliance with Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and HPRA medication storage guidelines.
  • The Fraudulent Medicines Directive (FMD) came into effect in February 2019. The Pharmacy Department is fully compliant with FMD legislation.
  • The Pharmacy department was involved in a tender with the HSE’s Health Business Services Procurement group to select a biosimilar intravenous trastuzumab, to be rolled out in early 2020. This tender is estimated to save €116,000 per annum.
  • Radiology: 2019 saw the beginning of the new UCC masters programme in radiography with the first set of students on placement in Cork hospitals in Jan. The Department are now performing CT colonography exams instead of Barium enemas and have cleared the backlog of patients that had been waiting on this service.
  • The IT Department collaborated on implementing the following projects in 2019: T-Pro Digital Dictation. • Veeam enterprise backup software. • KELSIUS fridge temperature and remote monitoring service. • Radiology on-line referrals via Healthlink. • Pharmacy on line ordering (e-Ordering). • High Tech Hub Ordering. and Relocation of Central admissions and Billings offices.
  • See the SIVUH Annual Report 2019 for more details of 2019


  • ENT OPD the decontamination area was refurbished to be compliant with national standards.
  • Dr Neil O'Donovan, Consultant Radiologist and Mr Gerard O'Leary, Consultant Otolaryngologist retired.
  • In 2018 The SIVUH SATU team, as part of the national SATU group, won an Irish Healthcare Centre Award  for “The Implementation of Option 3”
  • Catering recieved a Q-Mark Award
  • Quality and Risk Department introduce the HELLO My Name is initiative in SIVUH


  • The main hospital car park was resurfaced.
  • The Church on the hospital grounds was painted externally.
  • The Audiology Department were shortlisted for an Excellence Award.
  • The Catering Department won the EIQA AWARD


  • The Main Reception of the Hospital receives a make-over
  • Winner of the Irish Healthcare Centre Award 2016. Congratulations to Trish O’Gorman, Senior Physiotherapist and Licensed Acupuncturist, who won the Department Initiative in the Large/ Teaching Hospitals category, at the CMG Irish Healthcare Awards 2016. Her initiative is the use of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Radiation Induced Xerostomia in patients with Head and Neck Cancer. This project was also shortlisted for the HSE Achievement Award 2016.
  • Dr. Michael O’Connell, Consultant Dermatologist left the Hospital on 11th February 2016.  Dr. Mary Bennett replaced Dr. O’Connell’s hours in a temporary locum capacity effective 15th February 2016.
  • SIVUH Ophthalmology Conference 2016. The SIVUH Ophthalmology Conference was held in the Brookfield Health Science Complex, UCC on 6th January 2016. Multidisciplinary speakers and presentations demonstrated the Ophthalmology patient’s journey within and between healthcare services locally and nationally.  The conference was a great success and it highlighted the excellent work of the interdisciplinary team and their vital role in providing safe, quality care for the patient and their families.
  • The grand opening of the UCC Education centre took place on Monday December 19th.
  • The Link corridor in the South complex was widened.
  • The Administration building, Medical Library, UCC Education Centre, Oncology and Pathology buildings were painted externally.


  • Dr. Bryan Ahern, Consultant Anaesthetist, retired in 2015 after over 30 years here. Dr. Michael O’Sullivan commenced as the new Consultant Anaesthetist.
  • Friends of South Infirmary Victoria, a Hospital Fundraising Group was set up.
  • An SIVUH fundraising Head and Neck Oncology Winter Ball was held in the Metropole Hotel.
  • SIVUH continue to facilitate additional Dermatology (i) Urgent, (ii) PLC and (iii) Melanoma Return Clinics for relevant patients of University Hospital Waterford.  
  • SIVUH working on transferring Ophthalmology OPD CUH to SIVUH and Chronic Pain Medicine MUH to SIVUH.
  • The Day Surgery Unit celebrated its 10th birthday on Friday 18th September 2015. To date 39,780 patients have come through the unit.
  • Helen Donovan is appointed as Interim CEO


  • The Healthmail system was set up in the SIVUH allowing the hospital to securely communicate (bi directionally) via email with primary care teams who have signed up to Healthmail.
  • The SIVUH held a Head and Neck Patient and Carers Information Day in the Rochestown Park Hotel.
  • A masquerade ball fundraising event in aid of the Neck & Neck Oncology Unit, SIVUH, was held on 3rd October.
  • The Catering Department won the EIQA AWARD on Friday 26th September 2014
  • SIVUH adopted the National Electronic General GP Referral project - Completion of migration to June 2014
  • As part of Euro-Melanoma the Consultant Dermatologists at South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital provided a free skin cancer check for adults at the Out- Patients' Department, SIVUHl, on Saturday May 10th
  • SIVUH facilitated additional Dermatology (i) Urgent, (ii) PLC and (iii) Melanoma Return Clinics for relevant patients of University Hospital Waterford.  
  • Transfer of Ophthalmic Surgery from CUH to SIVUH including refurbishment of L2S and commissioning of Theatre 5 - April 2014
  • Ophthalmology Service - patients seen in the CUH Eye Casualty requiring admission are admitted to the SIVUH.
  • Re-opening of the Victoria Complex Entrance - March 2014
  • Transfer of Emergency ENT patients from KGH to SIVUH - January 2014
  • The SIVUH campus became tobacco free on Monday 6th of January 2014.


  • Transfer of non complex/ benign in-patient General Surgery procedures from CUH to SIVUH
  • Building work on our new CSSD Department was completed in August.
  • Upgrading work on the Gynaecology theatre was completed in March.
  • NIMIS Radiology system successfully went live on the 26th November.
  • Our Catering & Household Department were again shortlisted for a Level 3 Emerald Award for Excellence from EIQA this year. This is again a measure of consistency and great credit is due to everyone in the Department.
  • Opening of a Central Appointments Office.


  • The Hospital Pharmacy Team won the Hospital Pharmacy of the Year 2012 at the National Pharmacy Awards in May.
  • Paediatric Orthopaedic service As part of the reorganisation of acute hospital services in Cork city, the elective Paediatric Orthopaedic service (inpatient, day and outpatients) has recommenced and is now based in the South Infirmary–Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH). Dr. Colm Taylor, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, special interest paediatric orthopaedic surgery, has recently taken up appointment in SIVUH and Cork University Hospital (CUH).  Referrals to this service will now be accepted for children residing in the Cork and Kerry region. 29/02/12
  • Hospital Wards renamed. 25/01/2012.
  • SIVUH Emergency Department closed on 29th of July 2012 at 8.00pm. From that date forward, ED Services will no longer be provided at SIVUH and patients needing emergency treatment should go to the Emergency Department at either the Mercy University Hospital or Cork University Hospital. People with minor injuries should attend the Mercy Urgent Care Centre in Gurranabraher on the grounds of the former St Mary's Orthopaedic Hospital (open 7 days a week - 8.00am to 6.00pm). SIVUH will continue to provide a 24 hour emergency service to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) patients only. The Sexual Assault Treatment Unit will also remain open on a 24 hour basis. In an emergency, the Ambulance Service can be contacted on 999 or 112.
  • Marie Heffernan has been appointed Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Diabetes Mellitus).  Marie is our first ANP in this specialty and has worked as Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes for the past number of years. 


  • Dr. Michael O’Connell was appointed to the post of permanent Consultant Dermatologist and assumed duties from 07/06/11. This was a new post.
  • Dr. Lesley Ann Murphy was appointed to the post of Consultant Dermatologist from 07/06/11. This was the permanent replacement for Dr. Fergus Lyons.
  • On the 24th June the SIVUH introduced a new Integrated Patient Management computer system.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Team win National Health Literacy Award in May 2011.
  • Dr. Catherine (Cate) Gleeson was appointed to the full time post of permanent Consultant Dermatologist to the SIVUH  This was a new post and the appointment was effective from Monday 3rd October 2011.
  • The National Quality and Excellence Awards were announced on Friday 14th November. The SIVUH Catering and Household Department were delighted to be announced as the National Winner of the Hospital and Healthcare category. This is a very prestigious award and we were thrilled to achieve it.
  • The opening hours of our Emergency Department reduced to 12 hours per day, i.e. from 8.00am – 8.00pm (open to the public from 8.00am – 6.00pm) on 12th December 2011. 
  • Under the Reconfiguration of Services the SIVUH Cardiology Services transferred to CUH on 28th November 2011.
  • Under the Reconfiguration of Services our Medical Rehabilitation Services transferred to St. Finbarr’s Hospital on 21st November 2011.
  • Under the Reconfiguration of Services Orthopaedic Elective, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine and Plastic Surgery services from St. Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital were relocated to this hospital November / December 2011.
  • The hospital became the Regional Unit for Chronic Pain Services 2011.
  • SIVUH selected  as a site for the National Productive Ward Quality Initiative, wards identified are L1S Observation and Elective Orthopaedic wards.


  • Consultant Anaesthetist. Dr. Anthony Hennessy was appointed to the permanent post of Consultant Anaesthetist from 01/01/10.
  • The Catering & Household staff won the Excellence Ireland Quality Association Award for “Team of the Year” from EIQA.
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Mr. Eoin O’Broin, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, (CUH) commenced operating on-site in SIVUH from 20/01/10.
  • Mr. Eoin O'Broin, employed by CUH as Consultant Plastic Surgeon commenced operating in the Day Medical Unit in SIVUH on 20/01/10
  • Dr. Suzanne Timmons was appointed by PCCC (paymaster) to the post of Senior Lecturer / Consultant in Geriatric Medicine effective from 01/02/10. This is a new post.
  • Consultant Otolaryngologist. Mr. Daragh Coakley, Consultant Otolaryngologist, commenced with the SIVUH on 01/03/10.
  • Dr Fergus Lyons, Consultant Dermatologist, retired in March 2010.
  • Minor Operating Room was opened next to Day Surgical Unit after Easter 2010.
  • A new CSSD facility was constructed in 2010.
  • The Hospital has committed to implementing a new Integrated Patient Management computer system. 27/05/10.
  • The new lift in the Victoria end of the Hospital was opened on 05/08/10. 
  • Dr. Noel Tangney, Consultant Paediatrician, retired 10/09/10.  Dr. James Gaensbauer will provide cover as Temporary Consultant Paediatrician, replacing the service formerly provided by Dr. Tangney.
  • Dr. William David Molloy commenced in the post of Professor / Consultant in Geriatric Medicine (Chair in Clinical Gerontology & Rehabilitation) on 01/09/10. 
  • Dr. Derville O’Shea was appointed to the post of Consultant Haematologist from 05/07/10.
  • The SIVUH implemented the new Irish Consistency Descriptors for Modified Fluids and Food. This consensus document was devised by the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists to set out agreed terminology for use in the dietary management of individuals with dysphagia.
  • Mr. Denis Richardson, Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Director retired from his role on the 30th November 2010.
  • Mr. Noel O’Brien was secured as Temporary Consultant General Surgeon to the SIVUH from the 1st December 2010.
  • Dr. Neil O’Donovan, Consultant Radiologist, has been appointed to the role of Clinical Director, SIVUH, effective from 1st December 2010.


  • Consultant Otolaryngologist. Mr. Patrick Sheahan has been permanently appointed to the post of Consultant Otolaryngologist to SIVUH. This appointment is effective from 01/01/09 and is the permanent replacement for Mr. T.J. O’Sullivan.
  • Consultant Physician in Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus. Dr. Matthew Murphy, Consultant Physician in Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus.  This appointment is effective from 01/04/09 and is the permanent replacement for Dr. CH Walsh.
  • New Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. Mr. Christopher Cotter, Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, has been jointly appointed by CUH to the post of Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. This is effective from 19/10/09.
  • Consultant Anaesthetist. Dr. Anthony Hennessy was appointed to the permanent post of Consultant Anaesthetist from 01/01/10.
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Mr. Eoin O’Broin, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, (CUH) commenced operating on-site in SIVUH from 20/01/10.
  • New Senior Lecturer / Consultant in Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Suzanne Timmons, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, has been appointed to the post of Senior Lecturer / Consultant in Geriatric Medicine effective from 01/02/10.
  • Consultant Otolaryngologist. Mr. Daragh Coakley, Consultant Otolaryngologist, commenced with the SIVUH on 01/03/10.
  • The hospital received an excellent positive Casemix adjustment for 2009. SIVUH was in 13th place out of 39 participating hospitals. This adjustment is a reflection of the high efficiency levels maintained in the hospital. 
  • SIVUH Melanoma Services wins Willan Bursary. The South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital rapid access pigmented lesion clinic has been awarded the Willan Bursary of €10,000. The national award, sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceuticals, was made to support the expansion of services for patients who have melanoma or who are at high risk of melanoma.
  • National recognition for our online referral system for clinics.
  • Cork GPs start to refer patients online - Irish Times 14/07/09
  • Sivuh extends pioneering online referral system - Cork Independent 23/07/09
  • The Corkman 23/07/09
  • Hospital Benefits from online referral system - Sunday Business Post, 27/09/09, page 33 Right hand side.
  • GPs can now use the SIVUH Online Referral System to refer patients to Cardiology. July 2009.
  • Catering and Household department win coveted Q Mark “Team of the Year” award at the National Quality and Excellence Awards 2009.
  • Breast Unit Move to CUH. The Symptomatic Breast Care Service in the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH), Cork was transferred to the Cork University Hospital (CUH) with effect from December 1st 2009.
  • Dr John Walsh, Consultant Anaesthetist passed away on 10th March 2009. RIP.
  • Mr T.J. O'Sullivan, Consultant Otolaryngologist, retired.


  • Trish O’Gorman, Senior Physiotherapist and Licensed Acupuncturist set up an acupuncture service to treat Head and Neck Cancer patients with dry mouth post-radiotherapy. This service is innovative and is based on a service currently running in the Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California.
  • The hospital received a positive casemix adjustment in its 2008 funding allocation from the HSE. This adjustment is the sum of €329,750. This is a reflection of the high efficiency levels maintained in the hospital.
  • History was made and another first achieved for the SIVUH and our patients in April ’08. Marie Heffernan, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes, became the first Registered Nurse Prescriber in the SIVUH and indeed the southern region.
  • The National Achievement Awards ceremony took place on 30th of April 2008 in the Mansion House, Dublin. The SIVUH had two entries to the national ceremony as a result of winning two categories at regional level. The Acute Coronary Syndrome Group won the Best Improvement/Best Effort Award. The second entry to the national awards was in the Quality & Safety Stream, as a result of the hospital winning the Quality & Safety Award for HSE South NHO in 2007.
  • Work was completed on our Nuclear Medicine Unit.
  • SIVUH congratulated the BSc Nursing class of 2004 on their examination success. This class held special significance, as they were the first group to be assigned to the SIVUH for the entire four year programme.
  • The Irish Medicines Board carried out an inspection of our hospital blood bank on 10th June 2008. The level of compliance of our hospital blood bank and its operations with the requirements of current legislation detailing the quality and safety of blood and blood components was considered to be acceptable. This is an excellent result which is not easily achieved.
  • Work was completed on upgrading our Female Medical Ward.
  • The Occupational Therapy Department successfully completed an IMB audit in June and are fully compliant to the EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical Devices (Splints) and related statutory instrument S.I. No. 444 of 1994 (Amendment) Regulations 2001.
  • A new service to the hospital is now provided for patients of the SIVUH. The service is a Lymphoedema Therapy and is for patients who suffer from Lymphoedema.
  • The SIVUH received the National Hygiene Mark award from EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association) for their outstanding commitment to Hygiene and Food Safety Standards. The process involves a year on year audit of the premises and food safety practices.
  • The results of the 2008 HIQA hygiene review were released. The overall grade received was "fair". The SIVUH achieved an increase in 27 of the 56 set standards and was just one grade away from moving to the "good" category.
  • Dr Howel Walsh, Consultant Endocrinologist, retired.



  • The hospital received a positive casemix adjustment of €844,566 in respect of 2007 which was a reflection of the high efficiency levels maintained in the hospital.
  • Work was completed on the upgrading of the Female Surgical ward
  • The hospital started operating a new C-arm fluoroscopy room.  This equipment replaced the old fluoroscopy equipment and enables us to perform bi-ventricular pace-maker insertions and additional interventional procedure that were previously sent to other hospitals
  • Upgrading work completed on Male Medical Ward.
  • Work commenced on the upgrading of our Gynaecology Outpatients Department.
  • The new MRI opened in its new location beside X-ray.  It is a 1.5 tesla machine capable of performing the latest imaging, including breast MRI.
  • EIQA Sapphire Excellence Award ceremonytook place in Dublin. The SIVUH Catering Department was one of the top 5 groups nominated as national finalists in the “Hospital and Health Services Catering Division”.
  • Presentation of the National Irish Safety Organisation/ NISG Occupational Safety Awards 2007 took place at the Malton Hotel, Killarney. The SIVUH was awarded the Regional Award for the south of the country.
  • The SIVUH PLC service was short listed in the Irish Healthcare Awards 2007, in the category of Best Hospital Project and received a commendation at the Awards Ceremony held in Dublin.
  • Work continued on the construction of two isolation rooms adjoining our Medical Rehabilitation Unit.
  • Work commenced on developing a Nuclear Medicine Unit.  This unit is essential in providing a sentinel lymph node mapping service to both BreastCheck and our Symptomatic Breast Care Unit.
  • The HSE South Achievement Awards Ceremony was held in the Aula Maxima, U.C.C.  The hospital did very well at the Awards Ceremony.  Our Pharmacist’s entry came 1st, our Resuscitation Training Officer’s entry came 2nd and our Pigmented Lesion Clinic came 3rd.  The hospital also received the overall Health & Safety award.  This entry was submitted by our Health & Safety Officer.
  • Dr Noel Cahill, Consultant Cardiologist, retired.


  • Work commenced on BreastCheck building
  • Purchase of adjoining site from Coleman & Sons, Builders
  • New Outpatients waiting area opened in Gynaecology Department
  • New elevator constructed on Link Corridor
  • New offices constructed for Planning Development & Strategy Department
  • New offices for Human Resources Department
  • Mr John Kelly, Consultant General Surgeon, retired.


  • Full operation of expanded Cardiology Department incorporating the Chest Pain Assessment Unit
  • New Day Surgery and Day Theatre Unit
  • Expansion of the Medical Rehabilitation Unit facilities
  • Patient Archive and Retrieval System (PACS) established in the X-Ray Department
  • Hospital received University recognition and re-named South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital


  • Cardiology department transferred to new cardiology unit
  • New offices built and opened for Social workers, Portering Services Managers
  • Car park for staff opened in Victoria complex with link access from car park
  • Accreditation Department opened
  • National Irish Safety Organisation Safety Representation of the Year Award was awarded to Regina d’Arcy Clinical Nurse Manager Occupational Health Department. This was the first occasion a health service employee received this award.
  • Director of Nursing, Brenda Dorgan, retired after 16 years of service.


  • Occupational Therapy Unit opened
  • Medical Rehabilitation Unit for Older People – opened September
  • Purchase of adjoining site from Irish International Trading Corporation
  • New office accommodation adjacent to the Medical Rehab unit for Discharge co-ordinators
  • Additional Day Surgery Unit built - to be commissioned and opened at a later date
  • New Cardiology Department incorporating a Chest Pain Assessment Unit built – to be commissioned and opened at a later date


  • Mammography Room updated
  • Bone Densitometer installed in X-Ray Department
  • The Department of Medical Social Work was established
  • Launch of Hospital Intranet


  • CT Scanner installed in X-Ray Department
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Unit opened
  • Speech & Language Therapy Department opened
  • New Diabetes Centre
  • EAP Service commenced


  • MRI Scanner
  • New OPD Unit
  • New Admissions Unit
  • New Pharmacy Department


  • Oncology Unit opened
  • Pathology Lab relocated and refurbished
  • Planning Development & Strategy Department opened


  • Occupational Health Department opened


  • New ICU / ITU opened.
  • Claridge Ward developed and refurbished for use as Physiotherapy Department.
  • Old ICU converted for usage exclusively as female ENT Department.
  • New Medical Library opened.
  • Medical Records Department extended.
  • Refurbishment’s to Morris Corridor, Diabetes Centre and Gynaecology/Oncology Department in our Victoria wing.
  • G.U.M. (STD) areas refurbished in conjunction with the Southern Health Board.
  • Maternity cases were discontinued and the vacated area was redeveloped and expanded including provision of two ensuite rooms and a treatment room.
  • Last baby Cian Quirke, born to Mary Quirke of Tralee, in the Maternity Department of the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital, 24th February 1997.
  • Dr Edgar Ritchie, Consultant Gynaecologist, retired.


  • Children’s Ward extensively refurbished
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of Victoria wing main hallway and corridors.
  • A central laundry / receiving unit for the complex was provided at our Victoria wing.
  • Areas were refurbished in conjunction with the Southern Health Board.


  • Conference Hall / Educational Centre opened during February 1995.
  • The vacated Convent Building was refurbished and used as Administration offices. The vacated administration offices in the main building were converted for use as Central Admission Offices, Public Cafeteria.


  • New Breast Clinic, exclusively dedicated to the management of Breast disease, was opened.
  • New Central Medical Records Department for the complex was opened during the month of March.
  • New extended car parking facility at our South Infirmary and Victoria Wings were opened.


  • 15/03/93 Convent residence vacated by Sisters of Mercy / Sr. Kevin Ryan.
  • 12/07/93 Official Opening of Day Ward and Link Corridor extension by Minister for Health, Mr. Brendan Howlin, T.D.


  • 17/04/90 Official Opening of the Link Corridor, Oncology/Gynaecological Department, Dermatology Outpatient Facility, Diabetes Centre and Regional E.N.T. Unit by the Minister for Health, Dr. Rory O Hanlon, T.D.


  • The Regional ENT Services transferred to the South Infirmary on the closure of the ENT Hospital, and a new Out-patient Department and Operating Theatre for the service was provided.


  • Official Opening and Blessing of new Casualty and Out-patient Departments by the Minister for Health & Social Welfare, Mr. Barry Desmond, T.D. (50% of the costs raised by fund-raising).
  • One of the stalwarts of the nursing staff, Sister Jenny Morgan, who first joined "The Vic" in 1938, retired.


  • Official opening of the new Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Department by the Minister for Health & Social Welfare. (50% of the funding raised by voluntary effort).


  • Official opening of the refurbished X-Ray Department, new Cardiac Unit, new Stores, together with the turning of the first sod for the new Physiotherapy / Rheumatology Department, by the Minister for Health & Social Welfare, Mr Barry Desmond, T.D. (Substantial portion of the funding raised by voluntary effort).


The South Infirmary (parent institution)

1761: The South Charitable Infirmary opened.

1771/72: Incorporated and established by Act of Parliament (The eleventh and twelfth years of George III).

1811: Dr John Woodroffe, Surgeon to the South Infirmary, founded the first School of Medicine in Cork.

1861: The County Infirmary at Mallow was moved to Cork and merged with the South Infirmary as "The South Charitable Infirmary & County Hospital".

1863: The new General Hospital for the County and City of Cork was officially opened by the Mayor, J S Maguire, Esquire, M.P. The Mayor referred to the manner in which the South Infirmary had been supported by donations and taxation’s and to the small sum contributed to it by the County, although getting great value from it.

The Victoria Hospital (parent institution)

The Victoria Hospital was originally founded as "The County and City of Cork Hospital for Women and Children" which was opened on Union Quay on 4th September 1874. It was moved to 46 Pope’s Quay on The 31st October 1876 and to its present site on 16th September 1885. In 1901 its name was changed to "The Victoria Hospital for Women and Children". Male patients were first admitted in 1914. On 17th August 1914 the Hospital was registered under the Companies Acts, 1908 and 1913 under the name of "The Victoria Hospital, Cork (Incorporated)".

1896: Owing to the serious financial position of the Hospital "The Wonderland Bazaar" was held. As a result of its efforts, the sum of £1,654 was raised, which nearly liquidated the bank overdraft.

1885: The old South Infirmary buildings were leased from the Trustees of the South Infirmary. After extensive rebuilding, they were opened as a Hospital on Wednesday, 16th September, on which date all the patients from Pope’s Quay were successfully transferred.



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