Rapid access giant cell / temporal arteritis service


Dear Colleagues,

I wish to notify you of the rapid access giant cell / temporal arteritis service in the Rheumatology department of the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.

GP referrals are welcome and patients can be booked in by GP’s or other doctors ringing directly to the Rheumatology Consultant telephone line 9-5 Mon- Fri.

Rheumatology Consultant Telephone Number: 021 4926229

The clinic will not run during annual leave and patients will be redirected to emergency departments at that time. All discussions are welcome.
Suitable patients include those over 60 years of age who have CRP > 20mg/dl, with an acute persistent headache (< 1 month), jaw claudication and new visual symptoms such as amaurosis fugax.
Patients will be reviewed on the following Tuesday / Wednesday with plan to undertake temporal artery biopsy via vascular surgery in the Mercy and have appropriate imaging in the South Infirmary.

This service will be reviewed each quarter and any changes will be communicated to you. 

Yours sincerely,

Len Harty

Consultant Rheumatologist


Page last updated: 24/03/2021

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