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Mission Statement


The role of the Social Work Department is to provide a comprehensive, professional social work service to the patients of the South Infirmary/Victoria University Hospital, their families and significant others.  This may be performed by working with patients directly on a one-to-one basis, indirectly through family support, as a mediation forum, through group work, or through assessment of need and referral to other relevant and appropriate agencies.

Department Profile


Department Description
The aims and objectives of the Department of Medical Social Work are:

  1. To assess the social, emotional and economic difficulties experienced by patients and their families, which have been caused by or exacerbated by their medical condition.
  2. To assess the social and economic difficulties experienced by patients, which have been a factor in their medical condition.
  3. To liaise with the Health Service Executive, An Garda Siochana to ensure the safety and protection of all children, in line with the Child Care Act 1991 and Children’s First Guidelines.
  4. To ensure the safety and protection of any dependant adult identified by hospital staff to be at risk of physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse or neglect.
  5. To provide emotional support and counselling where appropriate.
  6. To ensure that patients and families are referred to the appropriate Statutory and Voluntary agencies to meet their needs.
  7. To advocate on behalf of patients and families with Statutory and Voluntary Agencies where appropriate.
  8. To provide advice and support to staff, when required, in relation to dealing with issues of a social nature.
  9. To become involved in patient education where appropriate.
  10. To provide input into staff training where appropriate.
  11. To facilitate and supervise student social workers.

Services Provided
Counselling; support/advice; stress management; Bereavement support-adults /children; information and referral to relevant Statutory and Voluntary agencies; information regarding rights and entitlements; assistance with applications for grants/allowances; liaison with Child Protection and Welfare services.

The Department of Medical Social Work is located mid way between the South Infirmary and the Victoria Entrances. It is through the doors opposite the Staff Canteen and to the right.


  • Mr Brian Foley, Principal Social Worker. Bleep 782.   Telephone 021 4926382 E-mail foley.brian@sivuh.ie.
  • Ms. Jane Murphy, Senior Medical Social Worker.  Bleep 811. Telephone 021 4926410  E-mail murphy.jane@sivuh.ie

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 0900 to 1300 and 1400 to 1700


Information available

  • Dept of Medical Social Work Leaflet
  • Children First Leaflet
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