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On behalf of the patient, the Discharge Coordinators advocate to achieve the best possible outcome endeavouring to discharge each individual to a setting most appropriate to their needs.


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Department Description
The Discharge Coordinator Dept provides a comprehensive discharge planning protocol aimed to assist the transition between hospital and home/community care. The aim of the dept is to help reduce patient length of hospital stay, prevent or delay readmission, enhance patient outcomes post discharge and lessen the burden of care on the families. The discharge team provide a seamless continuity of communication ensuring consistency in the services.

Services Provided
The discharge planning protocol features the following services: a comprehensive assessment process addressing each individual’s unique needs, projecting post discharge needs and liaising with patient, family/carers, PHNs, GPs, Continuing Community Care Services and all members of the hospital multidisciplinary team, to ensure care transfers smoothly to community services.

The Discharge Coordinator Department is located on the ground floor of the Victoria complex between Dermatology & Occupational Therapy - Outpatient / Hand Therapy Unit.

Siobhan Byrne Murphy #791 & Ger Cremins #767

Direct Lines; 021 4926119 / 021 4926291. Voicemail messages are read immediately on return to office.

Office Hours

08.00-17.00hrs Monday to Friday

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