SIVUH Melanoma Services wins Willian Bursary

Press Release 16/01/09.

Willan Bursary Awarded to South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital Skin Cancer Clinic.

The South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital rapid access pigmented lesion clinic has been awarded the Willan Bursary of €10,000. The national award, sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceuticals, was made to support the expansion of services  for patients who have melanoma or who are at  high risk of melanoma.

The pigmented lesion clinic was established in 2003 as a multidisciplinary project aimed at the early detection and cure of melanoma. The departments of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Radiology and Oncology at the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital in conjunction with the department of Histopathology at the Mercy University Hospital have worked closely to ensure the success of the clinic.

After 5 years in existence, the clinic has already demonstrated its effectiveness. An analysis of the results carried out by the National Cancer Registry was recently presented at the Royal College of Surgeons during the Annual Meeting of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons. Over 50% of melanomas from County Cork are diagnosed and treated there. Melanomas diagnosed at the clinic are detected earlier than those in the rest of the county and the country as a whole.

Dr Michelle Murphy attributes the success of the clinic to the close partnership between clinical departments and administration and also to the fact that all patients in the clinic are seen by a Consultant Dermatologist. Detecting melanomas earlier will lead to a greater chance of cure in the fight against skin cancer.

The Willan Bursary will be presented at the SIVUH on Tuesday 20th of January 2009


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