Hospital Charges from 1st January 2017  
 Daily charge for In-Patient Services where overnight accommodation is provided.
 Admission SourcePatient StatusPatients RequestOccupancyHospital Category 
     5th Schedule1  
1EmergencyPrivateSingle Occupancy RoomSingle Occupancy Room€1,000.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (5) on  accommodation
2EmergencyPrivateMulti Occupancy RoomMulti Occupancy Room€813.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (5) on  accommodation
3EmergencyPrivateSingle Occupancy RoomMulti Occupancy Room€813.00 
4EmergencyPrivateMulti Occupancy RoomSingle Occupancy Room€813.00 
5EmergencyPublic*N/ASingle Occupancy€80.00* 
6EmergencyPublic*N/AMulti occupancy€80.00* 
7ElectivePrivatePrivateExisting Designated Private(Single Occupancy)€1,000.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (3) on  accommodation
8ElectivePrivateSemi PrivateExisting Designated Private(Single Occupancy)€813.00 
9ElectivePrivateSemi PrivateExisting Designated Semi Private (Multi Occupancy)€813.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (3) on  accommodation
10ElectivePrivatePrivate or Semi PrivateExisting Public Designated€0.00 
11ElectivePrivatePrivate or Semi PrivateExisting Non Designated e.g. CCU, ICU The charge will depend if the non-designated bed is in a single occupancy or multi-occupancy room.
12ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Designated Private(Single Occupancy)€80.00 
13ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Designated Semi Private(Multi Occupancy)€80.00 
14ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Public Designated€80.00 
15ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Non Designated e.g. CCU, ICU€80.00 


Daily charge for In-Patient Services where overnight accommodation is not provided. 
 Admission SourcePatient Status OccupancyHospital CategoryNotes
     5th Schedule1 
16ElectivePrivatePrivateExisting Designated Private€407.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (3) on  accommodation
17ElectivePrivatePrivateExisting Designated Semi Private€407.00 
18ElectivePrivatePrivateExisting Public Designated€0.00 
19ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Designated Private€80.00 
20ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Designated Semi Private€80.00 
21ElectivePublic*N/AExisting Public Designated€80.00 
22EmergencyPrivatePrivatenot applicable€407.00Note: SI 135/1991 regulation (3) on  accommodation
23EmergencyPublic*N/Anot applicable€80.00 

*The Department of Health has notify the HSE of the following change in the public in-patient charge coming into effect.

From January 1st 2017 the Public In-Patient charge is increasing to €80 (from €75) up to a maximum of €800 (from €750) in any period of 12 consecutive months subject to the statutory exemptions for public in- patients only.

 AMU/AMAU/Assessment units: The charging arrangements for these units are under consideration and, therefore, no charges should be levied at this time 
 Note 1: 5th Schedule applies to SIVUH for charge rates.  
Page last updated: 09/03/2018
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