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What is Occupational Therapy?

Being able to engage in the daily tasks of life - those tasks that are mundane and those that are of the utmost importance - is the critical focus of Occupational Therapy. The daily patterns of our lives make us who we are - to do is to be.

Occupational Therapy facilitates people to do the day-to-day activities that are important and meaningful to their health and well-being through engaging in valued occupations.



The Inpatient department is located on the ground floor of the Victoria complex between Dermatology/ Ground Floor Vic ward.

The Outpatient / Hand therapy unit is located further down the corridor near the Victoria Entrance.


Staff Members

Name Contact Information
Aileen Ryan 021-4926650
Sheila Roche 021-4926479 or 4926100 bleep 842
Nora Verling 021-4926409 or 4926100 bleep 848
Maria Bevan 021-4926409 or 4926100 bleep 799
Brenda O’Connor 021-4926479 or 4926100 bleep 849 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings only)


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Opening Hours

Opening hours 8am- 4.30 pm Monday-Friday

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