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The South Infirmary-Victoria Hospital changed its name to the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital, effective from the 1st July 2005.

The hospital changed its name to reflect its academic links with University College, Cork. The first School of Medicine in Cork was established at the South Infirmary in 1811, and the hospital has continued its involvement in the training of both undergraduate and postgraduate medical staff since then. In recent years with the development of the new School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Pharmacy and School for Allied Health Professionals, the hospital has built even closer links with University College, Cork. It is our wish that these strong links would be maintained and further developed.

The name change was also aimed at highlighting the hospital as a centre for academic research. It is the wish of the hospital’s Board of Directors to develop the hospital further in this area.

The South Infirmary Hospital and the Victoria Hospital amalgamated in January 1988 to become the "South Infirmary-Victoria Hospital Ltd.".

It is a voluntary general acute hospital and caters for both public and private patients.

The hospital has a total of 192 beds open

The following services are provided in the Hospital.

The South Infirmary-Victoria Hospital is the third largest acute service provider in the Cork area.

The hospital is the regional centre for ENT and Dermatology services and is the major centre in the HSE, Southern Area area for Gynaecological Oncology services.

There are eight operating theatres in the complex including 2 modern day care facilities i.e. Day Surgery Unit / Day Medical Unit) with their own operating theatre. The Day Surgery Unit includes a Perioperative Assessment Clinic.  Services are continually developing and expanding at the hospital. 

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South Infirmary

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