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Rapid Access Assessment of Severe Osteoporosis

Patients with severe osteoporosis and vertebral fracture(s) benefit from prompt assessment and intervention to prevent further fracture. This Rapid Access Assessment scheme aims to facilitate prompt review of patients who have already sustained an osteoporotic vertebral fracture(s) diagnosed on spinal x-ray or DEXA lateral morphometry.

To enable your patients to avail of this Rapid Access Assessment scheme, please provide the following essential documentation with the referral letter:

A. Recent spinal x-ray report showing vertebral fracture(s)
B. Lateral morphometry on DEXA showing vertebral fracture(s)

Please note that the function of the Rapid Access Assessment scheme is to address the metabolic bone disease aspect of severe osteoporosis. It does not offer a pain management service; pain management continues to be the responsibility of the Primary Care Physician.

Please print this document, complete and return by POST

Dr Mark Phelan
Consultant Rheumatologist
Department of Rheumatology
South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital
Old Blackrock Road

Tel: (021) 4926229


The Rapid Access Assessment scheme is for patients with identified osteoporotic vertebral fracture(s). Other patients will be reviewed in the general Rheumatology Clinic.

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