Friends of the SIVUH

The FRIENDS of the SIVUH invite you to attend a briefing in the Conference Centre in SIVUH on Wednesday 9th October between 12.30pm and 2.00pm, where an update will be given on the great work being done by the FRIENDS and to give an open invitation to all of you to join us on the committee.

Finger foods will be served and members of the committee will be on hand to answer any queries that you may have. 

New Consultant Otolaryngologist Mr Dias

We wish to confirm the appointment of a new Consultant Otolaryngologist, Mr Andrew Dias who commenced on Monday 15th October 2018. Mr Dias is employed as Consultant Otolaryngologist in replacement of Mr Gerard O’Leary.  Please extend a warm welcome to Mr Dias. We wish him every success in his new role.   

Medical Manpower Manager, 16/10/18

New Consultant Otolaryngologist Mr Khan

We are happy to confirm the arrival of our new Consultant Otolaryngologist Mr Khan who rejoined SIVUH on Monday 23rd April 2018. Mr Khan previously worked in SIVUH and is will be employed as Consultant Otolaryngologist in direct replacement of  Professor Sheahan. We extend a warm welcome to our colleague as he embarks on his new post at SIVUH.


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