Welcome to the Department of Anaesthesiology

The Department of Anaesthesiology has five full time consultants and six junior anaesthetists, normally comprising one senior registrar/specialist registrar, three registrars, and two senior house officers.

The Hospital is accredited for six months training at Specialist Registar (Years 1 to 3) and one year training at Basic Specialist Training level by the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland.

We provide a range of regional and general anaesthetic services in the six operating theatres at South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital. In addition to this we work on a consult basis for patients in intensive care, and provide an acute pain service for post-surgical patients. Chronic pain services are provided by Cork University Hospital and Mercy Hospital.

An on-call anaesthetic registrar is present on site at all times and can be contacted via pager 754.

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